not sneaky enough

After several grueling months at their training academy our party heads off to take a well earned vacation back home, to Riverside. On the way back they’re ambushed by Kobolds!! Though Lyselle did go down, Taliastra managed to defeat the remaining attackers. During their short rest to lick their wounds they discuss how unusual an attack this close to town is. They remember the roads always being kept clear by the town guard for the sake of the merchants.

When they enter town it isn’t the thriving friendly place they remember. They quickly find out that the royal family has disappeared and a reagent is on the throne. At this point it occurs to Lyselle that she’s technically part of the royal family. 35th in line, out of 40 possible heirs. After asking her temple what she can do for them she’s informed that that an emissary from the city is coming to their town, and the roads aren’t as safe anymore.

Lyselle and Tala decide it is up to them to single-handedly solve the Kobold problem! They plan to let themselves be attacked then track the Kobolds back to their main camp. Several Kobolds and some undead later they find…. way more than they can take on. Yet being of stout heart and keen mind they formulate a plan to poison the kobolds. Alas despite some fun antics with a conjured guardian their plan fails and they bravely run away. Upon returning to town they do convince the captain of the guard of the need to take out the Kobolds.

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